About Us

About Us

Gromfast is located in the industrial district of İkitelli in İstanbul Turkey.

We are dynamic company with more than 15 years of experience on the field, we are dedicated to  provide the industry with the best and most innovative products, supported by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable customer service. We pride ourselves in successfully assisting our customers.

  Gromfast became leading company onto global market through experienced innovation research and development department and productivity.

One of our main goal is to develope products that are integrated with our wide range metal grommets, dies and machines. Our product research and development department creates new innovative metal grommet, dies and machinery in order to meet customer's requirements.

  We prefer to work with our authorized distributors all over the world. We also protect our distributors regarding quality and price policy.

  Thank you for the trust invested in us.

Our production capacity monthly  volume  is as below;

Grommet& Eyelet:16.000.000 pieces.

Grommet Machine:7.500 pieces ( Semi automatic , Full automatic as well as Manual Grommet Machines)

Dies & Tool:150.000 pieces

Export Operation

 Gromfast company video