GF-101 Small Grommet Hand Press (3 Year Warranty)

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GF-101 Small Hand Press (3 Year Warranty)

GF-101 Premium Grommet Hand Press is the most of  using popular hand press model in the market.

GF-101 Small  Grommet Hand Press Advantages ;

  1. Practical ease of use.
  2. Interchangeable dies setting
  3. Heavy duty durability
  4. Easy to carry.
  5. Suitable numerous materials
  6. 3 Year Warranty
  7. Parts and service avaliable
  8. Machine body made of high quality  best quality  iron casting raw material 

Compatiable with all self piercing grommet & eyelet dies number #1.7 up to #4 , all size snap button dies, rivet dies, jean button dies.

Using areas: Techtextile industry ,sign banner industry, pvc brenda industry and other related industries.

Technical Spefications of GF-101 Small  Grommet Hand Press;

Net Weight4,5  kg10 IBS
Throat Depth Dimension45 mm 1 3/4 inch
Height Dimension320 mm12  2/4 "
Width Dimension100 mm 3 6 /4"
Depth Dimension90 mm 7  1/4  "
Bottom Die adaptor hole9,8 mm1/2 inch
Top Of Die Screw 6,35 mm1/4 inch

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