DIN Eyelets -Grommets

We produce DIN eyelet series according to  DIN 7332 standard.

Material types : Made of galvanized , made of brass , made of steel.

Round DIN 7332 standard

DIN8  (A)8mm x (B)15mm x (C)6mm x (D) 5,9mm

DIN10   (A)10mm x (B)20mm x (C)6mm x (D) 5,9mm
DIN12   (A)12mm x (B)24mm x (C)7,8mm x (D) 7,6mm
DIN14   (A)14mm x (B)27mm x (C)8,4mm (D) 8,2mm
DIN16   (A)16mm x (B)30mm x (C)8,8mm x (D) 8,6mm
DIN18   (A)18mm x (B)32mm x (C)8mmmm  x (D) 7,8mm
DIN20   (A)20mm x (B)36mm x (C)7,5mm (D) 7,4 mm

DIN25   (A)25mm x (B)44mm x (C)11mm x(D)10,8mm
DIN40   (A)40mm x (B)62mm x (C)11,3mm (D) 11,2mm

Washer Type is 2 kind of manual washer and auto neck washer

Manual machine and semi automatic machine works with normal washer.(GF-104, GF-2, GF3, GF10,GF-10-B)

Normal washer 

Auto neck washer works full automatic grommet machine GF-99

Auto neck washer type DIN 8mm ,DIN 10mm,DIN12mm,DIN 16mm 

Auto neck washer as below;

Galvanized DIN EYELET & Washer

Galvanized DIN EYELET & Washer

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