GF-2 Stroking Grommet Hand Press (3 Year Warranty)

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GF-2 Stroking Grommet Hand Press Advantages ;

  1. Adjustable Stroke Level
  2. Special impact force level adjustment, you can raise and unraise impact force according to your using material fabric and metal accessories.
  3. Spring and assembly engineering design provide that apply grommet on material with minimum effort
  4. Spring throw back after the settings metal grommets or etc automatically
  5. 1,3 Tone impact force capacity.
  6. Interchangeable dies setting (compatiable all size self piercing grommets ,rivets,snaps dies )
  7. Heavy duty durability
  8. Easy to carry.
  9. Suitable numerous materials
  10. 3 Year Warranty
  11. Parts and service avaliable
  12. Machine body made of high quality  best quality  iron casting raw material 

Compatiable with all self piercing grommet & eyelet dies number #1.7 up to #5.5 , curtain grommet sizes #12 (40mm) and all size hole piercer dies, all size snap button dies, rivet dies, jean button dies.

Using areas: Techtextile industry ,sign banner industry, pvc brenda industry and other related industries.

Technical Spefications of GF-103 Premium Grommet Hand Press

Net Weight21 kg18,7 IBS
Throat Depth Dimension140 mm5  2/4"
Height Dimension520 mm             20 1/2"
Width Dimension200 mm              7 3/4"
Depth Dimension300 mm             12  1/4 "
Bottom Die adaptor hole11,8 mm             1/2 inch
Top Of Die Screw 6,35 mm             1/4 inch

You can apply self piercing grommet even  on 4 layer 1200 gram pvc vinly banner ,vinly , tarpaulin,brenda webbing other strong thicker material easly.

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